Synchronize Outlook RSS Feeds with Common Feed List


I do almost all of my settings for Windows using GPO whenever possible and Office is no difference so when configuring Office 2007 I got a problem with my RSS-feeds.

My list of RSS-feeds in IE differed from the list I had in Outlook which surprised me since I know I choose so use the Common Feed List.

I check in Outlook and found out that the checkbox (Sync RSS feeds to the Common Feed List) was greyed out and unticked even if I know I selected the right choice when configuring my GPO.

So I started searching on the Internet and found one hit, which is Apparently MS has made a mistake in the outlk12.adm file (and also in the outlk12.opa file for OCT) so when you select enable for switching this function on, what really happens is that you turn it off.

The adm-files for Office 2007 you can download here but note that the above has not been corrected so you need to change this first thing (or keep it in mind :) ).

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  1. Wally United States Windows XP Google Chrome
    Apr 21, 2009 @ 22:50:49

    Do you use Outlook connected to an Exchange server or standalone? I’ve done as you suggested above, but Outlook is still not pulling the feeds from CFL, even though the checkbox is checked. I’m running connected to Exchange.