StarterGPOs – New feature in GPMC

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In Windows 2008 they have introduced Starter GPO’s. This is some sort of template with which you can create real GPO’s with this as base for further editing and also with these templates it will be easier to have templates in a larger environment where you have several persons creating GPO’s, for example at department level.

. StarterGPO_Comments

As you can see in printscreen StarterGPOs have their own location in GPMC where you create your starters like any other GPO. Just right click and select New, Select a name and maybe a comment about this Starter and of you go.
When you open the Editor you will see that you only have Administrative Templates which is the only thing you can configure in these Starters. Software Settings and Windows Settings are excluded.

StarterGPO’s isn’t located in the same place as normal GPO’s.
A normal GPO would be in \\\SYSVOL\\Policies\ but a StarterGPO is located in \\\SYSVOL\\StarterGPOs but it’s still defined with a GUID

If you open one of these folders you wont find any GPT.ini file as normal when you have a GPO, instead you will find a StarterGPO.tmplx which is some sort of XML-file defining the Starter.

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