Office 2010 Administrative Template files (ADM, ADMX/ADML) and Office Customization Tool

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Has been released in MS Download.


Technet resource

A reference file (in Excel format) for all settings you can get here.

ADML-files are still only for standard languages (de, en, es, fr, it, jp, kr, cn, tw).

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Creating shortcuts with Group Policy Preferences doesn’t work


This is a quite common question about Group Policy Preferences so I’ll post it here and maybe someone will benefit from the information.

Trying to create a shortcut to a fixed drive letter using Group Policy Preference that points to a location on the network. After login there is no shortcut created and if you look in eventlog you see an error “0×80070002 The system cannot find the file specified”. If you run GPupdate /Force the shortcut is created.

This is an issue where it’s trying to create the shortcut before the drive’s are connected and Windows can’t create new shortcuts to locations not connected.


  1. Create the shortcut using UNC-path
  2. Create the drives and shortcuts using logonscript
  3. Create a scheduled task (using GPP) to run GPupdate after user logon or use logonscript to run GPupdate

Hope someone benefits from this information.

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New site found

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This is just one of those things that you need to share quickly.

I think you will have it more easier to find your setting for a GPO here instead of trying to find it in GPO-editor.

Well done! :)

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Download ADMX RTM for Windows Server 2008

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MS has released ADMX RTM for you to download.

If you haven’t copied them from your Windows Server 2008 to SYSVOL for management download this package and move it into SYSVOL for all your administrators.

Instructions and everyhing is on the download page which you find here

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New: Group Policy settings reference for Windows Server 2008

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Microsoft has released a new Group Policy settings reference and this time for Windows Server 2008.

This file contains all Group Policy settings since Windows 2000 so this is the only file you need. For Windows Server 2008 24 new settings are available where 12 of them are for Terminal Services functionallity.

This reference file is also for the new admx/adml-format so to know for sure you can use settings described in this file you need to start using Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 to configure your GPO’s.

Download the new reference file here (xls and xlsx file available)

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ADMX Migrator update

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Microsoft with Full Armor has released a new version of the ADMX Migrator tool.

This is version 1.2 of this tool and as stated on the download page these are the changes:

  • Enhancements and bug fixes to support a wider range of ADM templates for conversion to ADMX.
  • Enhancements to code and documentation for conversion error reporting and warnings.
  • Improved handling of internationalized ADMX templates.

A first look at the tool and it seems to work as expected. I haven’t tested to convert any adm-files expect a small one which seemed to work just fine. It’s also easy to build your own admx-files using the tool which can be handy when you want to stop creating adm-files in notepad :)

admx migrator 1.2

Download the new tool from here

If you have problem with the tool please report it here

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Microsoft Office 2007 – ADMX finally

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Finally MS released the Office 2007 templates for Group Policy in the new ADMX-format.

You can now benefit here also to have those stored in your Central Store so that you decrease the load for replicating GPO’s between servers etc.

These new templates is of course not with all languages and I wouldn’t be to sure that they will be released either.
The download file also contains an excel-file for reference.

Download the new templates here

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Download Administrative Templates (.ADMX)

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MS has released the Administrative Templates as a downloadable package.

At first I wasn’t sure why but then I could see that this package also includes all language files for the admx-files which will make it easier if you have people in different countries all creating GPO’s and they want to create them in their own language. So it’s much easier way to collect the adml-files rater than needing to install different Vista’s just to get the adml-files.

Download the files from here:

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Help for troubleshooting Group Policy

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Everyone that has ever tried to troubleshoot group policy problems knows how hard that can be.

Darren Mar-Elia (MS MVP) has created a GPO logging ADM & ADMX which you can use in a GPO to enable some logging features without having to know where to enable it manually.

It wont help you resolve your problem but it gives you some options on how to troubleshoot depending on what it is.

Find his custom adm/admx here:

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ADMX Migrator – Issues

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As you could see in my old post about the ADMX migrator it will convert your existing adm-files to the new format but there are some open issues with this Migrator which can crasch GPEdit when you try to open them after convert has been done.

Read about this (Note #1) from Jeremy’s GP Blog as he has reported some of these problems to Full Armor/MS and reports that the new version will come in beginning of October.

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