Using Powershell to search for comments in gpo’s

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It’s soon time to start blog about using PowerShell to support your Group Policy environment but here’s a start from Group Policy Team blog from MS.

You can, if you want to, search for just about everything inside a gpo and here is something to prove it from a blog post from GP Team blog.

Check it out:

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Disable Backup notification from Action Center


Alan Burchill has written a blogpost about removing notification about backup from the action center in Windows 7.
Since the post shows what you can really do with GPP I think this was worth linking to direct.

How to use Group Policy to turn off the Backup Notification in the Windows 7 Actions Center

Check out his blog too while you’re at it.

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Troubleshooting Group Policy


This is an “old” post from the Group Policy Team about Troubleshooting but it’s really good and something everyone should use as starting point when they wonder why their gpo didn’t work.

Use it and develop it further to add you “standard” checks to have your standard procedure.

We all need to troubleshoot Group Policies sooner or later… :)

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