Remote Server Administration Tools available now!

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Finally MS has released the new RSAT for Windows Vista.
This means that you won’t need to remote control your Windows Server 2008 to handle Group Policy Preference, you can now do it directly from your management station instead using these tools.

Don’t forget to install Service Pack 1 for Vista first (it’s mandatory).

Windows Vista Service Pack 1

RSAT for Windows Vista x86

RSAT for Windows Vista x64

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Fine-Grained Password Policy


As my first post in my new blog I’m not going to write something myself.
I will just link to another post written by Christoffer Andersson who has created a tool for admin a new function “Fine-Grained Password Policies” introduced in Windows Server 2008.

This tool is still at Beta so if you can please help him out trying the tool, I know I will.

See his post here:

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