Using Powershell to search for comments in gpo’s

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It’s soon time to start blog about using PowerShell to support your Group Policy environment but here’s a start from Group Policy Team blog from MS.

You can, if you want to, search for just about everything inside a gpo and here is something to prove it from a blog post from GP Team blog.

Check it out:

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Elevate rights in your Vista

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Today I read a post in another blog (swedish) about some example codes released in a technetmag article from MS.

This example codes contains different methods on how to elevate different things.

  • Elevate Powershell straight from a catalog.
  • Elevate cmd-prompt from a catalog.
  • Elevate an MSI-package installation
  • Elevate a HTA-application

Right click and select your option.


Download the package and install the different options by right-click on the inf-files and select Install.

Download the package here.

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